Jamestown y plymouth

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Jamestown & Plymouth.

During the United States history there’s been a great amount of events that were very important for its development. Two of these happened way back, back to where it allstarted, Colonization. The foundation of the few first colonies in the United States, Jamestown & Plymouth. In this essay I will depict the differences and similarities of these two very importantcolonies.
People have always wanted wealth, even in the 1600s; therefore they go where ever money takes them. During the 17th Century, money took them to a new, exotic place, America. In 1607 a groupof a hundred men were gathered to go away from their homes and adventure themselves into an unknown world, they were to find gold, silver and goods. They arrived to Virginia from England that yearand built a forth which they called Jamestown (In honor to their king, whom had purchased whatever they needed). However the first colonists were not ready for these lands. Many of them died fordifferent reasons: one of which was that they didn’t want to do farm work and the food they got from the Native Americans wasn’t enough for them. They also caught many diseases here; this is also why a greatnumber of them died. By spring of 1608, only 38 had survived. It was time for help from their motherland. Then John Smith was sent from London to Jamestown. Smith brought with him tough new rules andthings went well after that, but good things don’t last long. In 1609 Smith goes back to England and things get real ugly real fast in Jamestown. Their relationship with the Native Americans turnedto nothing and they refuse to give them more food. The winter of 1609-1610 takes the name of the “Starving Time”. When the spring of 1610 came, only 60 were left. They sent more people and suppliesfrom England and our colonists start to see the heads up. Tobacco became very popular in all Europe when they started to grow it. More and more people kept coming from England; our country was growing....
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