Japan a traditional country

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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2011
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Japan a Traditional Country

1. - What’s the most interesting holiday or festival of the country you have chosen?

The most interesting festival is the Japanese New Year.
The “Oshogatsu” isthe Japanese New Year.
Literally means "first moon".

2. –When do they celebrate it?

For centuries, Japan used the lunar calendar.The first moon of the year marked the beginning of it. This first moon appears one day in mid-January.
Japan adopted the solar calendar in 1873 and since then the New Year celebration is the first ofJanuary

3. –How do people celebrate it?

The celebrations are realized for 3 days where they realize only the works more necessary. The persons dedicate most time to his families.
It is atime for peace and conflict resolution. Is symbolic and has the character of being "First" of the New Year.
So the Oshogatsu has a sense of renewal. In this context, martial artists, is consideredessential to realize an special training in Oshogatsu, an intense keiko to renew the spirit and dedication to martial arts.

4. –What do they eat? Do they eat or drink anything special?
Nishime:is a soup whit algae (kombu or wakame) and vegetables that we want to consume.
First placed in the bottom of the pot the algae, and incorporate then the vegetables, covering them with water and bringto boil (low heat) until tender

Kuri Kinton: It’s a sweet plate of chestnuts and sweet potatoes.
First place the sliced ​​potatoes in a pot with water and boil, then add sugar and finally stir.The color yellow / gold symbolizes wealth.

Kazunoko: Spawns of herring.
Kazu means "number" and ko means "child", so this dish symbolizes fertility and the joy of numerous descendants for the newyear.
This dish is prepared with sake, mirin, soy sauce and boiled herring roe.

Kuromame: Soybean that they have sweet flavor.
Hydrate the beans are left overnight with sugar, salt and soy...
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