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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Explosive encounter
A man named Roy is at the airport in a mission to deliver a battery had; price was looking for a woman to not have problems to address. Roy was being chased by FBI agents whoboarded the plane there on the same flight was found June also started to talk he was hiding agents, June passengers did not realize that they were chasing Roy suddenly began to vibrate the plane andgrabbed the bag fell on the air since June spilled a drink had to go to the bathroom as Roy was kindly accompany a police officer tried to stop fight began with fists and weapons to the pilots wanted tokill Roy the pilots killed June went quietly as it were nothing but Roy begins to take control of June sees aircraft operators who are beginning to, falling side by the movement of the plane were deadJune and was frightened to see what was going land on a road is going to harvest corn, the two left alive but desperate June was scared what was happening could not be controlled or reassure Roy gavehim a tranquilizer but she knew it was a sleep drug exploded, the plane dawned on her house as if there were not remember anything past was, turned on the TV confused saw the news that the plane wasaddressed began to remember went out of his home he found his friend the fireman firefighter asked if he was okay then said that if you shop the pursuing agents, went to a wedding dress shop and I buythe officers stopped the car up and asked questions to June what happened at the airport, and was aboard the plane where she was with Roy realized that he was persecuted suddenly heard shots, andshot a panicked June agent again began shooting Roy was behind the cars of the agents there was shooting from a motorcycle kills all agents save June runs to take a bus went up, climbed down June Roy ranto the firehouse fireman his friend his friend, tells him that he was wrong then counted in a restaurant what happens to it after Roy found again grabbed the bag hands husband of one, shot gun and...
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