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Catalysts: A catalyst alters the rate of a chemical reaction, without being changed itself.

Starch Phosphorylase: It helps to make large molecules from small ones. It builds starch molecules fromglucose molecules inside plant cells.

Metabolic Reactions: Chemical reactions that take place all the time within any living organism.

Catalase: Enzyme which speeds up the breakdown of asubstance. However, Catalase does not work in the alimentary canal. It works inside the cells of living organisms.
(Animals+Plants). It breaks down hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. This is necessary,because hydrogen peroxide is produced by many chemical reactions which take place inside cells. It’s a very dangerous substance

Enzymes: Enzymes are biological catalysts. Enzymes consist ofvarious types of proteins that work to drive the chemical reaction required for a specific action or nutrient. 

Ex: Inside the alimentary canal, large molecules are broken down to smaller ones in theprocess of digestion. These reactions are speeded up by enzymes. A different enzyme is needed for each kind of food.
Ex2: Starch is digested to the sugar maltose by an enzyme called AMYLASE.
Protein isdigested to amino acids by PROTEASE. These enzymes are also found in plants.

-A chemical reaction always involves one substance changing into another.Thesubstance that is presented at the beginning of the reaction is called SUBSTRATE.
-The substance which is made by the reaction is the PRODUCT.
-Enzymes are PROTEINS. Their molecules have a very precisethree-dimensional shape. This shape includes a “dent” which is exactly the right size and shape for a molecule of the enzyme´s substrate to fit into. This “dent” is called ACTIVE SITE.

1. Theenzyme is amylase, and its active site is just the right size and shape for a starch molecule.
2. The substrate molecule slots into the active site.
3. The starch molecule is split into...
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