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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2010
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Miguel Angel Vives
Group 61

Behaviorism vs. Humanism

To begin with this work, first we need to know what is the meaning of each topic and other specific characteristics.|Behaviorism |Humanism |
|Is a philosophy of psychology based on the proposition thatall|Is a broad category of ethical philosophies that affirm the |
|things which organisms do including acting, thinking and |dignity and worth of all people, based on the ability to ||feeling can and should be regarded as behaviors. |determine right and wrong by appealing to universal human |
||qualities, particularly rationality. |

I think these two topics are really controversial, because humanism can change behaviorism what I mean is that you can change your behaviorsconsidering if you are acting good or bad.
I am more of the idea of humanism because humanism is how you act based on the ability to determine right and wrong. In Humanism you can have a certainbehavior, but you choose between wrong and right, and in behaviorism you act as you want you can make wrong things, but that’s your behavior.

For example animals can not act with humanism, becausethey can not decide between good or bad. Animals act with instinct in every moment they can change their way of acting in every moment.

Humanism is based in truth and morality, you can have abehavior, but you can change it if you think before if it is good or wrong.

Behaviorism in my opinion is not the best because, for example if I kick someone, that is my behavior, but I need to think beforeacting, that is were humanism enters, you need to learn to distinguish between good and bad.

I consider that there is a big difference between behaviorism and humanism, behaviorism you act as...
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