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Sushi (鮨, 鲊, 寿司 寿司 1 or 2?) Is a Japanese dish of cooked rice based on rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar, salt and other ingredients, including fish or mariscos. This dish is one of the mostrenowned Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular internationally.

Although sushi is usually associated with fish and shellfish can also lead vegetables or eggs, or any other passenger. Inaddition, fresh produce that accompany traditional rice they need not always raw.It also includes preparations boiled, fried or marinated. Ie, that the name "sushi" refers to the preparation of rice andthe accompanying, although relevant in taste, does not make the dish itself. While a variety of sushi accompaniments internationally recognized and used, the ideal is that each region takes placetypical side dishes with fish or fruits of the region that are identified with the taste and the local cuisine. However, it should refrain from the use of raw freshwater fish because, unlike marine fish,may contain salmonella.
The sushi is usually prepared in small portions, about the size of a mouthful, and may take several forms. If you serve the fish and rice wrapped in a sheet of seaweed callednori maki (roll). If it is a kind of rice dumplings covered by the fish comes to nigiri. When the fish comes stuffed into a small pouch of fried tofu is called inari. You can also use a bowl of sushirice with pieces of fish and other toppings, then called chirashizushi.
Overseas sushi name means only the most common varieties, such as maki or nigirizushi; curiously tends to extend the sashimi, adish of raw fish without rice.

styles of sushi

Maki (巻き 寿司?): The "sushi rolls"
Futomaki (太 巻き?): The "thick sushi roll"
Hosomaki (細 巻き?): The "sushi roll thin."
Kappamaki (河 童 巻?): Sushistuffed with cucumber,
Temaki (手 巻き?): The "hand-rolled sushi"
Uramaki (裏 巻き?): The "inside out sushi"
Oshizushi (押し 寿司?): The "pressed sushi"
Nigirizushi (握り 寿司?) Is probably the most common form...
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