John lennon lies

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My Privileged Life

The family a major factor in the life of any human being complements you as a person in everyday life; if you have a problem, if you're happy, if you feel sad, you alwaysturn to your family, knowing that you will have their support with you. Nowadays we can see that life is not easy, the survival of each person depends very much of his economy and unfortunately hisfamily involved; that is why social classes divide them into high medium and low, but even though money could be an important factor, saving money and distributing it correctly, may improve a betterfamily development.
While being a maid I realized many things and I see the reality; nothing comes easy. Performing a task in some houses, where is very laborious and tiring, It doesn’t pay youwell, but I have to move forward and not only me, in my case. I have three children with Rodrigo that is a taxi driver, and there are many expenses to cover, what is left to me as a mom is to sacrifysomething, so I can give to my children the best to grow up.
Me, as a taxi driver, did everything I could do to earn money, and of course to save some too. Realizing what many people have to dowhile working in this job, made me notice that it is not easy to survive, and furthermore if having family to carry with, but with some sacrifice and good organization, we established a balance ofcapital, so we could live really well.
Families may be with us forever, may be not… However we have to really be aware of the reality that is around us, and be prepared for the things that willcome. I wonder is it really possible to live, with little cash? I would say yes, even though if sometimes what most stands is money everywhere, but when someone fights for what he wants or needs to getthrough the day or to help somebody else, the reward would be immense, because we all know that unfortunately, if you want to live in a society right now, you obviously need more than love....
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