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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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When a person wants to do something good or necessary, he/she will always have a positive mind. It is always going to have that force indiscriptible that only you can feel that is calledHope. This feeling will get you on good roads, but as I always say, life is unexpected and we have to be prepared for any circumstances it give us.
I have a friend who went through avery difficult time at the end of the school year. He couldn’t pass to the next year. He lost his hope of being with his friends of his whole life, and all the dreams he had planned by thattime. After a few days the school called him and gave him an opportunity to present some tests. His effort was big, his whole vacation was spent studying to pass those exams, butunfortunately he failed them, and this time he was hopeless. This situation affected my friend a lot. Inthat time he didn’t want to know about school and he always thought about all the effort that he had made to pass those exams that he finally failed. One day he even tried to go and lookfor a job in Tulua as he didn’t want to know about anything or anyone. One or two weeks later, he went to visit some schools to get started again. It was very difficult because they werestarting second term. After all, his old school knew his situation and decided to accept him, but if he continued in the year he failed. Finally he got a little bit of hope to continuewith his dreams.
For me hopelessness means to surrender to one situation before I know what is going to happen, or that it already happened. As everybody knows nobody has the same problems,and reactions are not the sam, but in every problem hopelessness would affect everyone in a negative way.
Never give up in any situation you are going through as maybe it will be worse.
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