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Lord of the Flies
A view to death

This chapter is when the boys get more salvage than ever! Is about Simon waking up from his weird dream about the lord of the fliestalking to him and all that and he like goes to the mountain to confirm if the beastie was still there and when he reach the top he realize it was a man in the parachute and he wants totell the others fast.
Meanwhile there is Ralph and Piggy starving to death and like counting how many kids were left in their side and there are nu much left then come the twins Sam andEric to check if they want to go to their side and go eat something and join them but at first Ralph refuse to go because of his pride and all but then Piggy convince him that its only forthe food and then they would go and they go to see how are they doing. When they reach the camp of Jack they see that they are like really all salvages they eat on the grass and they alsosee that with Jack is a total monarchy or something like that because what Jack says is most be done If not you would get in trouble. So they went to jack’s camp they get to eat and allbut then when jack ask them to join them Ralph get a little mad and told him that he was the leader and they should still hear him and all but jack like try to kick them out and told themthey are fools because now who would hunt for them but then Ralph told them that a storm is coming and that they had no shelter so they are the fools and they go. While they’re goingstarts the rain and the boy get like all exited and start to sing their weird song about killing the pig and all and while they were singing Simon comes running trying to tell them about theparachute guy but they misunderstood him by the beastie and go running to attack him and they kill him!! And they didn’t care they were like so proud of themselves. Is such a sad chapter
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