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Justification of degree
The exercise of the legal profession, from the most important cultures of antiquity until the modern day societies, has aimed a powerful instrument essential toachieve justice and legal certainty, as the law is not certainly an element of social harmony and order that ensures the peaceful coexistence of humans and the achievement of their individual and collective ends.
According to this, it is important that the development of all activities of social life has the advice and intervention of legal professionals, ie expert knowledge of legal rules,whether the service the government or individuals, to assist the proper application of the law.

A lawyer (Latin advocatus, "called the rescue") is a person who exercises a professional defense (judicial) of the parties at trial and in all kinds of judicial and administrative proceedings. In addition, evaluates and provides advice on legal matters. In most legal systems of different countries, forthe exercise of this profession one must be registered in a Bar or have a state authorization to practice.

Lawyers and judges also are called colloquially and an ingrained habit but really not all doctors are, for the degree of Doctor must make original contributions to the new Law, in which case the lawyer obtained the PhD degree in right.

Practice Professional
Generically one can define theterm lawyer as a "person with a bachelor's degree entitled under the law of each country, which exercises the law in support of third persons, being an active and indispensable assistant in the administration of justice in a country .

In Spain the professional activity is regulated by the Advocate General Statute of the Spanish Bar, approved by Royal Decree 658/2001, of June 22, Article 6provides that "rests exclusively with the name and role of counsel in that Law Degree exercise professional leadership and defense of the parties in all sorts of processes, or assortment and legal advice, "adding Article 9.1 that" are lawyers who, added to a Spanish Bar Association as practicing and meet the requirements for therefore engage in a professional counseling, harmony and safeguarding thelegal interests of others, public and private.

The lawyer is responsible for defending the interests of one party to the dispute. Being a professional counsel specifically trained and skilled in legal matters, is the only person who can offer an appropriate approach to the problem to the general public or 'justice'.

It should be noted that in addition to its involvement in the trial, a basicfunction and leading lawyer is preventative. With proper advice and drafting of contracts and documents, social conflicts can be avoided, so that counsel, rather than litigation or proceedings, serves to not reach them, often serving as court mediator. So much so that in most court proceedings is required to appear in court assisted or defended by a lawyer acting as legal director, which means anywritten and / or legal filing to be signed by the client (or his legal representative, Attorney / a) and his attorney, which guarantees you a proper exercise of the right of defense during the process.

A lawyer usually has powers of his client or customer by a public authority by, or granted "aped act" by appearing in court or tribunal, so you can run it in trial, or represent it in legal oradministrative actions that do not require necessarily , Attorney / a of the Courts, and the attorney representing the litigant.

The lawyer's performance is based on the principles of freedom and independence. The principles of trust and good faith govern relations between client and lawyer, who are bound by professional secrecy. The lawyer is due to his client first, and must litigate...
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