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Learn more about Pages
Scroll through the document. Touch the images and text. And experience the most powerful word processor ever made for a mobile device. Part 1: Get to Know Pages
Start withthe toolbar.

The toolbar
When you open a document in landscape or portrait view, the tools you’ll use most are in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Here’s where you’ll create newdocuments and open the ones you’ve saved. Pages saves your work while you work, automatically.

With a tap, you can undo anything you’ve done. Touch and hold to redo.

Toolbar buttons
Info:Change object or text properties.
Insert: Add an object to the page.
Tools: Check spelling, and more.
Full Screen: View in full screen. Part 2: Working with Text
Add style to your document.Easily customize fonts
Double-tap any text, and you'll see the ruler. On the ruler, tap the Fonts button to change the look of your text.

Or tap a Character Styles button on the ruler to make theselected
Text Alignment
Character styles
Font Sizetext bold, italic, or underlined.

Use Apple-designed styles
Triple-tap this paragraph to select it. Then tap the Info button on thetoolbar and choose Style. Tap any style from the list to apply it to the selection. Part 3: Working with Objects
Move, resize, and rotate images.

Tap the butterfly to select it, then drag itacross the page. When you move the image, the text wraps around it.

To change the way the text wraps around the image, tap the Info button, tap Arrange, then tap Wrap.

Tap the butterfly,then drag the selection handles to resize it.

Touch and hold the butterfly with two fingers, wait a moment, and then turn your fingers.
Part 3: Working with Objects
Add photos, shapes,tables, and charts.

Add an object to this page
Tap the Insert button. Choose a shape, chart, table, or one of your own photos.

Delete the object
Tap the object to select it. Choose Delete....