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Practice present progressive.

• He [pic](read) a book at the moment.
• We [pic](visit) our friends this evening.
• They [pic]on the Brown account this month.• I [pic](not/watch) TV, I [pic](work)!
• What [pic](you do) this evening?
• Where [pic](she/stay)?

1.Please be quiet. I [pic](try) to concentrate.

2.Look! It[pic](snow).

3.Why [pic](you / look) at me like that? Did I say something wrong?

4.You [pic](make) a lot of noise. Can you be a little bit quieter?

5.Excuse me, I [pic](look)for a phone booth. Is there one near here?

6.(at the movies) It's a good movie, isn't it? [pic](you / enjoy) it?

7.Listen! Can you hear those people next door? They[pic](yell) at each other again.

8.Why [pic](you / wear) your coat today? It's very warm.

9.I [pic](not / work) this week. I'm on vacation.

10.I want to lose weight. I  [pic](not /eat) anything today.

Simple Present.

Complete next dialogue:
1) Hello!, I want ___ ask you a question.
2) Well, tell me.
1) What color ____ laura´s hair?.
2) Only thecolor?.
1) Ok, how is ___ hair?.
2) Her hair is beautiful, long, brown, and straight.
1) How _____ her eyes?.
2) Her eyes are big, pretty, blue, and very sexy.
1) And what _____her address and telephone number?.
2) ____ address is 254 reforma street and her phone number ___ 31253489.
1) Thank you very much!.
Answer all these questions:
1) Whatcolor is a panda?.

2) What color is your friend´s hair?.

3) What is your profession?.

4) Where do you live?.

5) Where do you work?.

6) Who do you workfor?.

7) What do you do every day?.

8) When are you going on vacations?.

9) When is your bird day?.

10) What is today´s date?.

11) What time is it?.
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