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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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Intro: Rem Lam Fa Do Sol
A long ass fuckin' time ago in a town called Kickapoo
LamThere lived a humble family religious through and through
But yay there was a black sheep
Do SolAnd he knew just what to do
His name was young J.B. and he refused to step in-line
LamA vision he did see-eth fuckin' rockin' all the time
Fa Do Sol
He wrote a tasty jam and all theplanets did align
La Do
Oh the dragons balls were blazin' as I stepped into his cave
SolThen I sliced his fuckin' cockles
With a long and shiney blade
LA'Twas I who fucked the dragon
Fuckalize sing-fuckaloo
And if you try to fuck with meLa# La
Then I shall fuck you too
Do Sol La
Gotta get it on in the party zoneDo Sol La
I gots to shoot a load in the party zone
Do Sol LaGotta lick a toad in the party zone
Do Sol La
Gotta suck a chode in the party zone
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