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|Tasks used to asses criteria A and B often include role-playing, discussions, pair work,interviews, presentations with |
|questions and answer sessions, summarize, debates. These tasks give the student the maximum opportunity to demonstrate genuine, |
|spontaneous interaction. |

|Level of Achievement |Descriptor|
|0 |The student does not reach the standard described by any of the descriptors |
| |given bellow |
|1-2 |The student expressions are limited even in daily situations. Ideas and |
||opinions most of the time show lack of the correct use of grammar and |
| |vocabulary. The student generally needs prompting to encourage a response; |
| |conversation /dialogue does not flow. |
|3-4 |The student has difficulty in communicatinginformation; ideas are irrelevant |
| |and/or repetitive; opinions are unsupported. The student has some difficulty in|
| |responding, even in familiar situations. The student needs most of the time |
| |prompting to encourage a response, and this contributes to several lapses in |
||the flow of conversation.Ideas and opinions sometimes show lack of the correct |
| |use of grammar and vocabulary. |
|5-6 |The student communicates information with some difficulty; ideas are not always|
| |irrelevant and/or repetitive,though there is difficulty with complex ideas. |
| |Some opinions are supported. Ideas and opinons show few problems of the correct|
| |use of grammar and vocabulary.The student most of the time shows understanding |
| |through responding correctly in familiar situations. The student needs || |occasional prompting to encourage a response, and this contributes to few |
| |lapses in the flow of conversation. |
|7-8 |The student communicates information most of the time clearly and effectively; |
| |though there issome difficulty with more-complex ideas. Opinions are |
| |supported. Ideas and opinions show a correct use of grammar and vocabulary. The|
| |student shows understanding through responding without problem in familiar |
| |situations, but showing some problems in spontaneous situations.The student |
| |can maintain the flow of conversation and shows some active engagement. The |
| |student needs little prompting which does not disturb the flow of conversation.|

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