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  • Publicado : 19 de julio de 2010
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The following paper will analyze the historical factors that led to the North Korean nuclear threat. The production of plutonium and nuclear bombs by North Korea has become a defensive strategy toprotect themselves from all external influences of other countries and also, it allows North Korea to protect its sovereignty which is something that had never been done before.
The entire subject canbe summarized as a conflict between the politics of Washington which argues that North Korea is deliberately producing nuclear weapons, and those of Pyongyang discussing that the United States isfocused on world domination relating back to their failure on taking over during the Korean War. In order to better understand the current situation, it is paramount to analyze the crisis, its causes,and victims.
North Korea is located in North Eastern Asia and is surrounded by South Korea, China, and Russia. Japan is locates 100 miles South East of the country divided by the Korean Strait. Thecountry’s population is twenty-five million and its main form of government is communism. North Korea was created after the national liberation of Japanese control in 1945.
In this year it wasterritorially divided from South Korea due to political differences and the support of foreign countries. The United States and Japan supported a democracy for the South, while Russia and China supported acommunist government.
The most important point of analysis to understand the North Korean situation begins by observing the Korean society and the role of this group in its history prior to the 1945territorial division. Throughout the nineteenth century Korea was invaded by Russia, China, and Japan in various occasions. For many centuries these countries took advantage of the weaker country andtried to impose their culture and governments.
The Korean society seemed to be very passive in relation to all other Asian countries who were constantly concerned about the situation of Korea....
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