La 1mera guerra mundial

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Word war 1
the first world war or also consider as the great war was a conflict during many years. this war killed many people. While passing the war and could say that England dominated the this war many countries were affected by the conflict in hand armada.este conflicto.En Western Front is that it was habierto by the army German created to invade Belgium and Luxembourg.
In theautumn of 1915 general Joseph Joffre attempted an offensive, with English support, which ended in a huge failure. After this defensive, end of year success of general Von Falkenhayn, Chief of staff,proposed to the Kaiser his attack Verdun. Strong and impenetrable square in French propaganda, but it was via rail to its resupply or delicate by not having a way position. The Germans hoped that his fallwould undermine the morale of the French soldiers. On February 21, 1916, the attack began with the artillery shelling violently Allied positions. The Germans made little progress, but the Frenchlosses were enormous. February 25, General Langle of Cary decided to leave the city, but the French command was not prepared to lose Verdun and appointed instead Philippe Pétain, who organized a series ofviolent contraataques.Siendo place where began to cease the global conflagration in front of the Balkans, were a series of military campaigns between the central powers Germany, Austria-Hungary andBulgaria, on the one hand and allies Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, France, Britain and later Romania and Greece. In this theatre the war began with the Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia in 1914, whichended with the conquest of Serbia and Montenegro at the end of 1915. The Serb forces were attacked from the North and East and were forced to withdraw from the country, however, the Serbian armyremained operational, although in Greece.

In the autumn of 1915, the allies attempted to go in aid of the Serbs, by a British expedition to be established in the port of Salonica, Greece. the Allied...
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