La bella durmiente (obra en ingles)

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NARRATOR: Many years ago in a very distant land, there was a kingdom ruled by two rulers.
KING: Dear Queen. Many years have gone but we haven’t been able to have a child. I’m really sad.
QUEEN: Your sadness won’t last for along; I have a surprise for you. Soon our child will be born and he or she will be the ruler of our land.
KING: how happy I am. I’m the happiest king on earth.

NARRATOR:Soon, the queen bore a beautiful baby girl. The king and queen were really happy.
KING: (TILIN, TILIN) secretary, come with something to write on. I have to command some things best party ever celebrated in the history of our kingdom.
QUEEN: I think it´s a great idea! Let’s get to work!
SECRETARY: Were you calling me, your majesty?
KING: Yes, secretary. Listen very carefully and write what Isay. As you know the queen and I have had a baby and this has caused too much happiness and I want to share it.
SECRETARY: What do you command?
KING: I want you to hold a big party. Nothing can be left. So take down: cooks, bakers, cake makers, tailors, musicians, dancers…
SECRETARY: slowly, slowly. I cannot write so fast
KING: You’re right. More slowly secretary Sofia.
SECRETARY: I keepwriting.
KING: Have you written all what we have asked?
SECRETARY: I have writing absolutely everything.
KING: Then you will write some invitations to the inhabitants of my kingdom and so my can come to the palace.
NARRATOR: When the secretary stopped writing the letters, the king went off to his bedroom.
SECRETARY: (TILIN. TILIN) Postman, postman.
POSTMAN: Say, my secretary.
SECRETARY: Theking commands that all the inhabitants of this kingdom get a letter with invitation and this way they can come to the party held by the king and queen. Do you understand?
POSTMAN: yes secretary. Right now I start working.
NARRATOR: The postman went off and delivered all the letters.

NARRATOR: It was the big day. All the guests were in the palace. The king rose his wine glass and said:
KING:We are here together to celebrate the birth of our daughter. And so I ask you to rise your glasses and says three hurrahs for the princess.
KING: How happy I am!
NARRATOR: The presents couldn’t be absent. When the ball was over, the fairies came in with their gifts.
FIRST FAIRY: I will give you the gift of beauty. You will be a very beautifulprincess. When you grow up you will understand that beauty is important, but much more important is to be happy.
SECOND FAIRY: I will give you the gift of wisdom. You will be a very wise princess. When you grow up, you will understand that wisdom is important, but much more important is to be happy.
THIRD FAIRY: I will give you the gift of richness. But remember, the most important is not treasures,it´s to be happy.
NARRATOR: Suddenly, some knocks are heard everywhere in the palace.
NARRATOR: a fairy appears, one who hadn´t been invited.
NON-INVITED FAIRY: I am the oldest of all the fairies in this kingdom and I don’t understand why you didn’t invite me to this party. You have invited all the fairies but me.
QUEEN: It´s sure to be a big mistake. The king and I are very sorry.
NON-INVITEDFAIRY: don’t worry, majesties, that your child won´t die, but she will fall asleep very deeply for one hundred years, till a prince comes and wakes her up.
KING: I order that the princess doesn’t get stung with the needle of a spinner. I give this command. Write down secretary.
SECRETARY: Tell me my king!
KING: That all the spinners be destroyed so that the princess never gets stung.
NARRATOR:The princess grew up and grew up. She was sixteen when one day she was playing happily through the gardens of the palace, along with a maid of company and the fairies.
The Non-Invited Fairy had dressed up as an old lady and was sitting near the girl was playing.
PRINCESS: What are you doing, dear woman? I’ve never seen nobody does what you do. Do you allow me? Let me see!
OLD WOMAN: Here,...
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