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I think it is valid because these types of tests are created to show your real intension toone institution or for example to a nation. The real purpose of the test is to show to the people if you believe or if you are part of something, it is like aphysiological test that make you indirect questions that tell the true about something, this help to the democratic state is you think like them or if youdon’t, this was implement in the cold war to know if you are communism.
One kind of uses to this questionnaire could be to know you’re politics and religionbelieves. This help to an institution if you are with them or you are like an obstacle for them. Also we can know with the test that our teacher takes it toknow if you belong to the school, this show to the people how much is your loyalty to something.
It need to have questions that show what do you think, whatthings you do and why you are doing it, this questions need to take out your intension about something, but the important thing is that the questions need to beformulated to hide the real intension of the questions, it need to be taken under a discreet position.
I would eliminate the question 26. Are you willing toserve in the armed forces of the United States in combat duty, wherever ordered?, because it is saying you if your country is in war you need to fight givingyour life to your country and the people don’t want to die, they prefer to life in peace, this are the type of questions that put the people in doubt.
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