La ciudad de las bestias

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[edit] Single-player

A new animation system will allow players to "drag fallen comrades into safetyand mount weapons on almost any part of the terrain".[10] Players will be able to use vehicles during the campaign, but their use will be limited.[12]

In the first part of the campaign, player will take on the role of Staff Sergeant Henry 'Black' Blackburn, a member of the United States Marine Corps stationed along the Iran/Iraq border. An earthquake hits the region, though its total effectis unknown.[12] SSgt Blackburn, also known as "Black", leads the same five-man squad on a mission to locate, find and safely return a US investigating elite squad, who's last known position was in a "bad part of town" when they lost contact. They are assisted by other U.S. Marines, but earthquakes and the Iraqi-Iranian allied army (also known as "Peoples Liberation Resistance" or PLR) stand intheir way.

[edit] Development

Battlefield 3's lead platform is the PC rather than a console. The reason for this is that the Battlefield series began on PC and DICE is staying true to its largest target user community.[5]

Battlefield 3 will use a new Frostbite engine built from scratch. Known as Frostbite 2, it will deliver more advanced destruction, sound, and graphics than previousversions. The updated Frostbite 2 engine can realistically show how a seven-story building would collapse during an earthquake in a pile of smoke and debris.[13]

[edit] Beta

On 30 July 2010, EA announced that purchasers of the Limited Edition and Tier 1 Edition of Medal of Honor for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will receive an invitation to the beta contingent on Beta availabilitywithin 1 year of Medal of Honor's release on 12 October.[14]

[edit] Marketing

EA CEO John Riccitiello stated that Battlefield 3 is aimed at competing with the Call of Duty series. "This November, we're launching Battlefield 3. It's going up against the next Call of Duty, which is presently the #1 game in the game industry," he said. "A game that last year did $400 million dollars in revenueon day one. Battlefield 3 is designed to take that game down." EA is planning on spending over $100 million dollars on a marketing campaign for Battlefield 3.[15] Frank Gibeau, president of Electronic Arts' EA Games label, stated that Battlefield 3 is a "flat out superior" product to blockbuster FPS Call of Duty.[16][17] EA has also said it’s going on the "offense" in regards to its marketing on...