La corte suprema

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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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Our Founding fathers came to this country for pursued of religious freedom and a new government not governed by a King. They believed that their new government should be governed by the people forthe people, which was established in the newly formed U.S Constitution and free ample. Throughout the years the government has set their own rules to better themselves and sometimes forgetting about thepeople; however this doesn’t mean the Supreme Court is bad to the people.
The Supreme Court has an election process that has a tremendous security of backgrounds, moral values, experience, wisdomand most of all the constitutional precedents. Some people may think its Undemocratic just because it decides to have secret conferences or it doesn’t permit cameras in the court room. However, in myopinion I think they remain anonymous to avoid media or public opinion that may make matters worst and cause unconstitutional decisions such as the opinions of politicians with progressive,conservative or radical views. In the past the corrupt environment was vast because of many laws that segregated and discriminated against race, color and possibly religion. Of course their may still be corruptpeople in the government but I believe that some citizens are easily influenced by salesmen and political strategies that may veer away from a fair election later leading to more vast corruption.In my Early Childhood Education class we read about some important things the Supreme Court had done for private schools. It stated that the Supreme Court had decided that a private school’s charactermust be viewed as contract and cannot be broken arbitrarily by a state. In other words, the Courts decided that a private school could not be forced against its will to become a public school. Thisis why I think we have a great system with the way the Supreme Court makes their decisions, I don’t agree or disagree with a reformation for the Supreme Court, but I don’t disagree with some minor...
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