La creacion del estado de isrrael

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was or were -Simple Past – Exercise affirmative
1) I was in Canberra last spring.
2) We were at school last Saturday.
3) Tina was at home yesterday.
4) He was happy.
5)Robert and Stan were Garry's friends.
6) You were very busy on Friday.
7) They were in front of the supermarket.
8) I was in the museum.
9) She was in South Africa last month.
10)Jessica and Kimberly were late for school.

was not or were not - Simple Past - Exercise
1) They were not ill.
2) You were not tired.
3) The children were not quiet.
4) Max was not inHelsinki last week.
5) She was not home for dinner.
6) The water was not cold.
7) There was not a good film on TV yesterday.
8) We were not in Brazil last winter.
9) Betty and Florencewere not at school this morning.
10) I was not happy when I heard about the accident.

Was/Were Questions
Principio del formulario
1. || you there last night? |
2. | | the movie good? |
3. | | you at school yesterday? |
4. | | the doors closed? |
5. | | it very windy? |
6. | | the weather cold? |
7. | | she angrywith you? |
8. | | Bill and Fred at the restaurant? |
9. | | you thirsty after the walk? |
10. | | the umbrella in the car? |

Final del formulario

Complete with WAS, WERE, THERE WAS,THERE WERE in the affirmative, interrogative or negative.

a) Annie  at home when I phoned her. We were speaking for half an hour!
b) My sister  at school yesterday. She fell ill and she stayed athome.
c) Our teachers  angry because we didn't do the homework.
d)  many students at the theatre play, just a few.
e)  enough time to finish the exam. I couldn't do the last part!
f)  many peopleat the party?
g)  enough food for everyone?
h) I phoned Mary, but  anyone home.
i) We  at the party until midnight.
j) Alice  in my house yesterday afternoon. We  doing our homework together.
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