La Formula De El Dr.Funes

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The formula of Dr. Funes

Funes was a great doctor in the field of cardiology.
His favorite pastime was to complete the formulas that his grandfather had left a legacy, holding experiments onthem in order to reach the desired result. One day she finally finish one of the formulas, "THE FORMULA OF YOUTH." The formula first proved in the cat and decided he saw that it worked iso drink whichbecame a child of no more than 12 years.
Dr. Funes or rather Paul iso friend of one of their neighbors who liked to watch from his window with a telescope he had.
Paul came to be many things thattime not grabbing and others which had never cast as bicycling.
Paul wanted to relive that feeling of going to school so he wrote a letter to the principal of Martin as he went by sender by Mr.Payo's dad Martin and another for the popes of the alleged potatoes Martin Paul who were on a trip to the South Pole and asked Paul to stay with them until they returned.
Paul had the best of motiveswith its formula, began in a nursing home in which they carry water from Jamaica a few drops of your great formula.
After a brewery in which shed some of its formula in the settlement of beer, soanyone who took a drink became a child.
Paul was am enemy Dr. Moebious Who stole his notebook where he had writeen all the fermul but unfortunately Dr. Moebius not writeen complete formulas and formul tomake the yount everything went wrong and because a small horse, so Paul and Martin kept it preserved and Martin's closet so no one noticed.
One day Martin and Paul returned to the department ofMartin and realized that the cat has already become the old aviation was before, was what gave Paul iso was over how much of the effect of the formula. Paul returned to his apartment and became againwhat it was and look forward to the season arrived Lilies. To redo the formula and be a kid again.

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