La globalizacion mundial de una empresa

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Nestle´s Marketing in India
Since its incorporation in India, Nestle` has grown into a multinational market in India. It is the most preferred brand in the beverage and other - food products,in the country. The Indian government and citizens have experienced its enormous contribution to the milk industry. It achieves this through improved dairy techniques. Nestlé India limited offersexcellent techniques to the farmers on dairy and crop production through irrigation. Supports are offered to the farming community to improve the overall output.
The use of the marketing mix isthe driving force behind the organization in its effort to attain its goals. The proper implementation of the mix enables managers to plan thus remaining focused to the target market. The product,price, place and promotion marketing strategy, is the parameter used by managers to respond to the internal and external constrains within the market. The Nestle management bases their decisions on thefour chief marketplace mix (Rajesh & Mohanbir 2009).
Nestle has in deed made skilful use of product decision to influence its customers to purchase for its products. It is noteworthy that productrefers to goods and services offered by the company. Branding, quality, safety, styling, and packaging are some of the strengths adopted by Nestle India Company limited. They explore other merchandisedecisions like warranty and functionality to remain relevant to the market. Nestlé India has several products like newborn foods, chocolate, confectionery, and prepared dishes. The business producesappetizing chocolate with varying taste, ingredients, make, and quality to meet customer value. Renowned chocolates include kit Kat and Milky Bar (Toni & Dirk 2009). The beverage entity providesrefreshing Milo, Nescafe, and healthy Milkmaid. These products have exquisite flavors to keep hold of customers and draw more. The kit Kat comes in four sizes, whereas, polo is in trio. Their shapes and...
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