La historia americana

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'The American Revolution

1. Definitions: Define the following words in the space provided. Include all the relevant information (causes, consequences, important actors, etc.). USE YOUR OWN WORDS: DO NOT COPY THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION. (100).

A. The 13 Colonies (do not write the 13 States): The 13 colonies were the British territories in North America. They were 13 colonies locatedin the East Coast of the U.S. By 1750 they were definitely established, but the process included the founding of Jamestown, the Pilgrims that came in the Mayflower and getting New Holland from the Dutch. The causes of the establishment of the 13 colonies were the economic motives behind the age of expansion and also the need for religious freedom.

B. The French and Indian War: Was a warbetween France (allied with the Native Americans) and England and the Americans. The war began because both France and England wanted more land in North America to feed their population. England won and took a great share of Louisiana

C. First Continental Congress: Meeting of representatives from all the 13 colonies except Georgia. They met to find solutions to the way Boston was beingpunished after the Boston Tea Party. Of course, they also wanted their other demands (no taxation without representation, no laws regulating trade, etc.) to be fulfilled. They did not want independence, they wanted everything to be solved peacefully. In the end, the King ignored their demands.

D. Declaration of Independence: Document written by Thomas Jefferson in (you should know the date).The document’s three main ideas/achievements were: 1) Created the United States of America, 2) Said that the colonies were independent from the British Crown, 3) Stated that rights are natural, inalienable and the government’s duty is to protect them.

2. Argumentative Questions: Answer the following questions using concrete examples from the American Revolution. USE YOUR OWN WORDS: DO NOTCOPY THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION.

A. Why do we say that the American Revolution began with the Boston Tea Party? To answer this question, think of the Tea Party’s consequences.

Because the Boston Tea Party began a series of events that eventually led to the independence of the United States. As a result of the way in which Boston was punished after the Boston Tea Party, the patriotscreated the Continental Congress. Then, because the King ignored them, they created the Second Continental Congress. While the Second Congress was discussing, the Battle of Lexington began and the representatives decided that it was time to begin the war for independence. None of this would have happened if the Boston Tea Party had not happened. That’s why we say it was the beginning of the Revolution.B. Why was the French and Indian War a Cause of the American Revolution?

The French and Indian War was fought to defend the 13 colonies, so the King of England thought that colonists should pay for the war. To get the money, he decided to impose a series of measures like the Stamp Act, which was the first direct tax in North America (the Stamp Act is just one policy. You need to knowall of them for the term exam). These policies enraged the Americans and their discontent would eventually lead to the Boston Tea Party and the war for independence.

C. Why were the Patriots able to win the war for Independence? State and explain all the causes.

The Patriots, because they weren’t as rich as the loyalists, were able to create an alliance with the poorest groups insociety. Also, they forced a lot of people to enlist in their army. Another reason for their success was that France and Spain helped them in war. France gave money to the Americans because France and Britain were in war in Europe and Spain helped them because Spain was the other colonial power in America and because of the mercantilist way of thinking.

3. Graphic Organizers: fill out the...
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