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Direct Marketing

Also referred to as “Dialog marketing” or as “Direct Response Advertising”. Direct marketing refers to any marketing campaign that addresses potential customers directly (e.g.with a mail, email or a telephone call). A direct marketing campaign always includes a “call to action”, i.e. a request to respond. This may be a request to receive more detailed information on a productor a service or right away placing an order. A prerequisite for executing a direct marketing campaign is detailed information of the target audience (e.g. address lists).

The execution of a directmarketing campaign depends on several factors including the size and segmentation of the target audience, the cost per contact, the expected response rate and local legal requirements. Whilefinancial aspects are based on the expected return on investment, legal requirements (different from country to country) protect customers’ privacy (no unwanted spamming, no dissemination of personal data).The advantage of direct marketing is the focused approach (selected target audience, individual approach with tailored messaging) in comparison to generic advertising that may offer a lower cost percontact ratio, but goes along with a considerable wastage. Direct marketing also contributes to maintaining good customer relations.

Direct marketing campaigns can be executed in a single-levelapproach or in a multi-level approach. The single-level approach consists of address selection, mail distribution and the return process. A multi-level approach includes multiple contacts with thecustomer (e.g. an initial mailing followed up by a phone call).

Marketing Directo

También se conoce como "marketing de diálogo" o como "publicidad de respuesta directa". El marketing directo serefiere a cualquier campaña de marketing que se ocupa de los clientes potenciales directamente (por ejemplo, con un correo electrónico, correo electrónico o una llamada telefónica). Una campaña de...