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Poem commentary

Planting a sequoia a interesting poem, written by Danna Gloia, that was born on 24 of December in 1950, he is an American writer, critic and poet, but he been an corporate executive and also he has work with U.S government, in his personal life, he get married with Marry Elizabeth, he first son died in infancy but his other 2 sons have normal life. That poem was based on thatsituation, in the poem he reflects that pain and how to try to “replace” it giving the love to a tree and raising it like if it was his son and at the same time he explains the importance of nature making a relation with his real family and the family he creates in the poem. This poem is using in a very good way the parameters for make it, because present principal cases of imagery and literarylanguage. Is using a complex language presents basically words, but also for us new and difficult words to understand.

Like al the poems has his own structure, this one have five stanzas in each one have five verses, that means that have versification because all stanzas contain same number of verses. Like this poem was written in prose it is evidence the lack of rhyme at the end of the verse orinternally, talking about the content in the poem, basically it talks about nature in family, but each verse has a purpose explain all the faces of de story. Like in all poems the first stanza is the ‘introduction’ of the poem to put the reader in context, the second one starts introducing the real situation giving nature a very important role, and making the reader understands the connection heis making between the family he creates in the poem with nature, in the third stanza is told how everything starts talking about the son and the nature and how both have a related born, the fourth stanza is the one that complete the sense of the poem and make a bigger connation with the author because it talks about how the family in the poem will take care of the tree that they should take it tothe baby and like the planting of the tree and the birth of a baby are represented in the same way, making understand that they will do everything for the baby the same for the tree, in the last stanza refer that when the family is death and when he is alone he must standup by his self, that he will achieve success not depending of nobody, but that he must respect his relation with nature keepingthat only to his-self that is no problem of the world what his story is about.

In this poem there are examples or imagery, when the author express senses like smelling, hearing, touching and tasting; an example of touch of this poem is find in the third stanza when the author says “but today we kneel in the cold” is creating a vivid impression that is touching or feeling that cold.

Animportant element that is used in all the poems is the using of figurative language who means that is a language that is used imaginatively; normally poets use it to express ideas or feelings in new days. When we identify profoundly the ideas and motives that the author express in the poem “planting a sequoia” , we realize that the poem is based in a big metaphor, because is presenting a comparisonbetween two unlike things in when we can observe that one becomes the other; the big comparison that presents is between about planting a sequoia, in which he is emphasizes the way to can take care of that special tree and some things about planting that sequoia, to a comparison about the family to each other. Other very important case of literary language is a element usefully in poetry, the simile,who is the opposite of metaphor because in this case is a comparison of two unlike things using the connecting words “like” o “as”, if this poem has been writing with simile would be so difference, would presents or emphasis ideas or some feelings comparing to others. He makes a good and lovely relation between the family and the sequoia tree, we can realize and represents this example by...
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