La teoría evolucionista y su influencia en la primera definición histórica de cultura

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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Summary about what I have learned from the document;
Fabio adrian torres rodríguez 051300362008
Culture is avery difficult Word to define, there are different approaches, and one of the first ones was the Taylor’s. Taylor states that culture is a whole of all the knowledge, beliefs, art, law, moral, customsand whatever capacity man has acquired when is a member of a society.
Taylor’s definition of culture is an answer to the anthropology necessity of a concrete concept about culture. Taylor sawnecessary to define culture as a whole of all human capacities acquired into the society. As human beings are, in nature, social beings, culture is connected to the society. Also the human being is abeing in a constant evolutionary process. In that way, society and culture evolve alongside the human being. In that regard Taylor took an evolutionary approach to his definition of culture, veryinfluenced by the Darwin’s theory. According to the evolutionary theory of culture; man evolves in a uniform way, so culture evolves uniformly. In that regard, Taylor sees necessary to design a stagesprocedure for analysis. He takes into account in his analysis procedure the complexity level of the sociopolitical and socio economic organizations, and the level of advancement in industry, science, moral,religion, arts etc. Monclús (2004:98). However Taylor’s definition of culture as a whole has a problem; it lets to measure and classify a culture, but doesn’t let to analyze it appropriately (Páez,2011). With those variables, Taylor’s definition is too general to be viable.
Darwin’s theory of evolution was a great influence in the Taylor’s definition. Also Taylor inherited the notion ofimproving the conception of the world and thought according to the European standards. It was due to the idea about Europe as the top notch expression of advancement, idea that was strengthened during...
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