Lake monsters

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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2010
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Once upon a time, in a village near Brussels, called Tervuren,
had a large park, and in the middle of the park had a huge forest;
and in that forest, there was a dark and gloomylake
in which there lived a monster named Monsta.

Monsta had eaten all the monsters living in the lake
and all children who came to the lake
and thus had a huge belly and round;
it was so greatthat when the monster moved,
 I crawled on the floor and to move better,
I had to cling to the branches of trees around the lake,
and they were all falling and almost half the height of the water.Monsta, the monster was hungry, I was hungry;
there was nothing to eat, he had eaten all the monsters
and children and not go near the lake because they were afraid.

Until one day, near the lake,there was a group
of children playing soccer and a little boy gave him a
kick the ball came to rest near a corner of the lake.

Monsta, which had more hungry every day, looked at that thinground, near the corner of the lake, and thought I could eat.
So he went to the corner, dragging its belly and
hold onto the branches of trees and a mouthful, swallowed the ball.

Then, monsters andchildren who were inside the gut,
began to play a football match between them,
and a monster gave a kick to the ball it exploded.
All the air the ball went out and began to swell and gut
swell untilit too exploded.

Then all the monsters came out of the gut
and all the children ran to their houses to tell their parents
we're here and tell them everything that had happened.
Monsta's stomachwas no longer big and round
and did not touch the ground and he was thin.
He could walk without holding on to tree branches
and also had friends.

There were more monsters in the lake and couldplay with them.
Monsta then thought I will not eat more monsters and more children.

And from that moment, Monsta only ate the fruits of
 trees near the lake.

And when the children approached...
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