Laminaria digitata

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Ana María Guerrero Rodríguez
Feb. 17/2010

In this article we are going to develop the importance of laminaria and its impact on medicine.
Laminaria it’s a genus of brown algaeof the family Phaeophyceae (or kelp) typically long size. It is also called devil’s apron because of its shape. On of the sub divisions of these genus is laminaria digitata (heterokontophyta family),this algae is mostly found on Scotland.

Digitata is a green long alga that can grow up to 3 meters; it has a green brown color and contains multiple proteins, phosphorus, zinc, sugar, magnesium,vitamins A, B, B1, B12 and C. it also offers a huge amount of iodine.
This type of Algae is found on the ocean 8 or 10 m. above, it holds the submarine rocks with a kind of roots and that’s how it holds onthe ocean.
This alga is used in various medical treatments. As it has a vitamin action and it stimulates the metabolism and activate the thyroids hormone which is produced by the thyroids andbasically works for a better functioning of the cardiovascular, muscular and skeleton systems it also helps to the production of heat, oxygen consumption and regulates some other hormones.
The contents ofthe algae digitata recover the mucous, so it protects the gastric activity and antiulcer. It’s also medicated for nasal and dental hemorrhages.
It works for overweight arteriosclerosis (arteries),ulcer, thyroids and more. In these treatments only the steam is used because it contains a huge amount of iodine and it can’t be calculated, may be toxic for the body and produce pain in the mouth, acneand diarrhea. In long term consumption it can cause nervous depression .
In Laboratory animals they proved laminaria on the dental cream contribute to reduce caries on animals, and on marine animalsit helps them maintain 61% on cold water.
As it creates a huge impact on medication and health of humans it also creates a huge impact on animals that may now be able to resist to different...
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