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  • Publicado : 18 de febrero de 2011
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When did the problem start?
There was a 4.x ccm cluster and was upgrades to a super cluster with The DSPFarm from Catalyst switches was not regiter to the CCM becasue password wasmissing during migration. I did recovery password procedures on the DSPD-CCM-Card on the Catalyst 6500 and register dose resources to CCM.
- Was it working fine or it has never worked?It worked in the past but was a 4.x CCM cluster.
- Did you perform any changes in hw. sw, configuration, etc that might cause the problem? If yes explain in detail
The hardware is thesame from the 6500 switch, but migration to new servers and new callmanager release was achived recenlty.

- Could you please add the show tech of the gateway?
This is an attachment onthis mail
- I would need the following output: show sccp ccm group, show dspfarm profile, show sccp
This is an attachment on this mail
- How often do you see the problem?Seldom 2 or 3 times a week but for the same users.
- How exactly is the conference? For example. Only internal calls, two internal and one external, etc.
Any confernece sourced by this groupof users could fail.
- How many servers you have in the cluster?
- What is the exact version of CUCM?
- Test the status of the DSPs and send methe output

#test voice driver and select the slot/s where you have the DSPs then select Display DSP keepalive status

Command not supported

- I would need you toreproduce the problem and gather CUCM traces and debugs in the gateway: debug sccp, debug dspfarm and debug voip dsm dsp, debug vpm signal (please save the logs to the buffer). While you have theconference with the problem please gather the following information: show dspfarm all, show sccp connections, show media resource status, show voice rtp connection
This is an attachment on this mail
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