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  • Publicado : 16 de julio de 2010
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a) The role of the learner in learning to communicate English orally is to practice the language at anytime and anywhere by reading, writing, speaking and thinking in English.

Example: when Istarted learning English one of my first aims was to practice the language because I considered it one of the best ways to improve it, so for that I remember I was in second level when I went to theUnited States for about 1 months for pleasure, as soon as I got there the first thing I did was to try to communicate with my family using my basic language learnt in the academy , I used to receivemy family´s call and friends, although at the beginning it was a little difficult for me to understand them because they spoke so fast after it was improving, since that I realized that anyopportunity was good for me to practice my English, so I stared having basic conversations about my country with my family´s friends, I used to go to the cinema alone to watch movies and make friends, I used togo to groceries to buy something, I used to go to the university to play basketball with other friends, read magazines and newspapers in English, for example if I had to go to the downtown I wasguided by the signs on the streets etc, those kind of things helped me with my vocabulary and speaking, after I came back to my country I all the time gather with people that speak English, for exampleat school I speak in English with colleagues, I buy newspapers and magazines in English, I listen to music and watch movies in English, every time I meet a friend I practice my English, if I chat onthe internet for example I prefer to chat with them in English and in that way I continue practicing my English.
b) The role of the teacher in learning to communicate English orally is to adapt thelanguage in all circumstances to the learner, motivate them by making interesting activities and using the correct language.
Example 1: Based on my experience and knowing that the classroom...
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