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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2011
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Have faith is ACCEPT god’s intentions besides we don’t like’em. If we had the habvility to see the end from the beginning as HE does,then we couldknow why sometimes drives our lives trough odd paths and opposed to our reason and our wishes.
Have faith is GIVE when we don’t have, when weourselves need. The faith always get something valuable
, from the apparently non-existent; it can make the generosity treasure shine in the middle of poorness andhelpless, fulling of greatness the one who gets and the one who gives.
Have faith is BELIEVE when it’s easier to resort to doubt. If the flame of confidencein something better extinguish in us,then we don’t have more choice tan submit against despondency. The believing in our kindness posibilities and talents as wedo in our similars , is the energy that moves life to great courses.
Have faith is GUIDE our live not with seen but with the heart. Reason needs lots ofevidences to run the risk, heart needs only a ray of hopeness. The most beautiful and greatest things that life gives us can’t be seen, note ven touch, they canonly been stroked by the spirit.
Have faith is STAND UP when you fall. Tha backs and failures on each área of the life makes us sad, but is saddest to stayregretting in the cold floor of self-pity gotten by the frustration and bitterness.
Have faith is RISK eveything in change of a dream. Nothing which desirvessomething in this life can’t be made without thatdose of sacrifice wich implies give off of something or of somebody to get that which improves our world and other’s.