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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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Dear Johnny,

I came back to Spain two weeks ago, but I had been very busy. I had to prepare a lecture for a conference. This is the first moment I've found to send you news. How are you? Have youstarted the new school year? I'm sure that you're working very hard at this time. I miss you and also all my friends from Brazil.

Last week-end, my Serbian friend, Emir, sent me an email. He toldme about some friends who were living in the residence with us. He said that the two Portuguese girls are travelling at this time and that they're going to send me a postcard from Argentina. I can'twait to receive it ! I'm so happy because I met so many interesting persons while I was in Brazil. Of course, during my stay, I got ahead with my research. However, the most important thing for me wastravelling and discovering the country and meeting people like you.

My family are fine. I went to see them for a week. We were very happy to see each other. My parents are going to travel toGermany next holidays. My sister is waiting for a baby boy. Actually, I hope to see him the next time I go.

Please can you send me the photos we made in Arequipa ? Write me soon.

Best Wishes,Ben

Of all my Spanish friends, I like Miriam the best. I met her when I arrived in Alicante so a long time ago yet. She looks older but in reality we are the same age. We share a lot ofthings.

She studied secondary school in Madrid, and then she moved to Barcelona to go to the university and try her luck in theatre and dancing companies. She shares a flat with three other students,and she works in a discotheque to pay her schooling. She loves music and theatre, particularly modern compositions. When she comes in any dance floor, she's dancing like she never danced before. Ithappens the same when she's acting. She feels completely free and we saw that she like it the best. She is exceptional, I'm honoured to be her friend.

Besides, I consider she is beautiful. She is...
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