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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Dear Intern.

Congratulations for being selected to have an Internship in Colombia; we assure you a great time full of cultural and unforgettable experiences.

The aim of this document is toexplain the procedures and what are your visa allowing you towards.
All AIESEC Interns in order to come to Colombia, they get a Courtesy Visa, which is issued by ICETEX, a governmental Institute thatpromotes cultural and academic exchanges, based on the Organizational Acceptance Note, process that is arranged by your contact person in the host committee together with the National VisaCoordinator.

In order for this letter to be issued, you as an Intern are responsible for sending 40 days before your internship start date, the following documents:

• A scanned copy of your round PlaneTicket
• A scanned copy of International Health Insurance
• A scanned copy of your Passport (main page)
• Confirmation from your bank account that you have at least 500 dollars to beable to live in Colombia for the first month (except DT internship)
• Confirmation letter witch state that if you don’t send us mentioned documents you agree to stop the visa process and by thesame resign from the internship (you will find the letter in the bottom of that file.)You need to sign it print and send us the scan.

If we don’t receive the documents mentioned above we will not beable to start visa process which means we are not able to continue with internship realization and you won’t be able to come to Colombia to have your exchange here.

Once the letter is issued,normally it takes about two weeks to be ready; the ICETEX sends it to your closest Colombian Consulate. AIESEC in Colombia sends also the original copy of the ICETEX letter via mail, which takes about 3weeks to get to the consulate, time depends on destination.

When the fax and the original copy are received in the Consulate, you can apply for your visa. To apply you will need:

• To fill...
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