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Leyden’s Bottle:

• Tools and materials.
Tools: Something sharp.Scissors.Glue stick.Materials:35mm film canniste Aluminium (kitchen) foil Wire sticky tape Optional: Proper wirestrippers.

[pic] step 2Make it.
Do the inside first - it's the most fiddly part, but once it's done you won't damage it while you do the outside.Cut a rectangular piece of foil large enough to line thecannister. Add a few dabs of glue-stick, then slide it into place inside the cannister. Make sure it doesn't stick out of the top of the canister. Try and keep edges of foil smooth and straight, or t…[pic] step 3Connect the inside.
Poke a small hole in the middle of the film cannister lid. Cut a piece of wire about 7-10cm long. Strip the ends and thread the wire through the lid. Turn the insideend into a loop, then use a piece of tape to stick it to the foil inside the cannister. Slide the lid along the wire and put it on. If you are planning to add the discharge loop, carefully scrapeaway …

[pic] step 4Wrap the outside.
Now cover the outside of the cannister. Again, glue-stick is enough to hold the foil in place. Again, avoid rough edges, and make sure the foil doesn't get in theway of the lid. Cut a second piece of wire about 4-5cm long and strip both ends. Tape one end to the foil on the outside, so that the other end can be easily curved around to meet the other wire (orthe di…

[pic]step 5Charge it.
To charge the Leyden Jar up, you need to connect it to a source of, well, charge.If you don't have your own Van Der Graff generator or Wimshurst machine, tryswitching your CRT TV or monitor on and off whilst brushing the screen with the centre wire, or rub balloons on your jumper and stroke the bare wire along them them pick up charge.When it's charged, hold theinsula…

[pic]step 6Extend it.
To hold more charge, you need more surface area of foil. The only way to increase this is to use a larger container.Try glass jars with plastic lids, or plastic...
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