List verbs

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Answer answered I can answer the test.
ask Asked Can you some ask?
She asked about test.
talk (tôk) Talked I talked with the doctor.Walk (wôk) Walked I walked to the store.
He walked to the park.
Change (chānj) Changed The music changed
Look (lʊk) Looked looked at the evidence.
I look at the street.
Listen (lĭs'ən)Listened listen to the radio
Read (rēd) Read I read history
Like (līk) Liked would like some coffee
Want (wŏnt, wônt) Wanted I want to bealive
Can (kăn; kən ) Could Can you remember thewar?
I can play the guitar
Get (gĕt) Got When did you get home?
Say (sā) Said The children said, "Good morning."
I say answers the test.
Take (tāk) Took Take your partner's hand.
Make(māk) Made I make dinner.
He made food
Go (gō) Went Your parents went to Mexico
I go to stadium Azteca.
Give (gĭv) Gave Give me the scissors.
I Gave many gifts.
Write (rīt) Wrote I wrotefive pages in an hour.
I wrote all day
Begin (bĭ-gĭn') Began when life began.
I begin my day early
Draw (drô) Drew The teacher drew the children
Do (dū) Did Do you understand?
She didjigsaw

Stop Stopped I stop the car in front of your home.
She stopped at the door.

Knock Knocked I knock at your door.
I knocked at your door.

Wait Waited I wait for you.
She waitedthe bus.

Notice Noticed I have notice about you.
I have noticed that nobody is at the door.

Open Opened I open the door.
She opened the rest room.

Leave Left I do leave answer the test.She left with you.

Move Moved I move with you.
She moved at the next home.

Happen Happened I do happen the accident a car.
He happened one horrible day.

Close Closed I close the door.She closed at home.

Turn Turned One day turn.
The cat turned a dog.

Start Started The game start.
She started the homework.

Visit Visited I have visit my girlfriend.
She visited to...
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