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A. state in past continuous form:
1. - John was sleeping when telephone
2. - Mary and John where talking the teacher came in
3. - They were eating we got there
4. - At four o´clock, when we arrived, they was taking an examination
5. - At seven o´clock, I was having dinner
6. – when you telephone, I were studding my lesson
7. – we was sitting in the park when in started to rain8. – the maid was swinging when we saw then
9. – they was cleaning the room when, I entered
10.- Mary were talking with the teacher when I came
11.-The other students was reading when I came in
12.-it was raining when, I left home

B. Supply the simple past tense or past continuous tense:

1.- I was going to the movie, I met Mary
2.- When I went going to the movie last, I met Mary
3.- Iwas talk with john when mr. smith entered
4.- I went talking jonh yesterday
5.- I was studding very hard last night
6.- I went last night when you called
7.- I was sleeping when the phone rang
8.- I went well last night
9.- she was playing the piano when we came
10.- she went the piano for us last night
11.- I went an English lesson last night
12.- I was taking an English lesson when theycame

C. supply the correct past tense (simple or continuous form) or the verbs in parentheses:

1.- They were eating dinner when we arrived
2.- He was falling while he when runed for a bus
3.- when the phone were ringing, I was tacked a bath
4.- we were having dinner when the light was going out
5.- he was walking along Broadway when, I were meted him
6.- they were living in the southof France when the war was breaked out
7.- he still were sleeping when, I arrived at his hope at eleven o´clock in the morning
8.- it were raining hard then I was gotten up this morning
9.- the mind went blowing hard when we was leaved the house
10.-when I last went seeing him, he was lived in Chicago

D. choose the correct form:

1.- I was sleeping went well sleep
2.- he was lived,has went living in new york a long time
3.- he was needing went in Washington last time
4.- he always prepares was well his lesson good
5.- she is married, isn´t she
6.- john is taller was where I taller
7.- look it is beginning to rain
8.-when I came in, they were talking
9.- jonh told that he was busy yesterday

F. Choose the correct form:

1.- there are two men in the office.
2.-I always eat on egg for breakfast
3.- they were not in class yesterday
4.- I could not be at the lesson yesterday
5.- is this book which you wat?
6.- mr. smith is the one who wants to see you
7.- I lunch with john yesterday
8.- where does john live?
9.- john told me that he could not came to the lesson
10.-how many books are here
11.- henry likes to speak English
12.- do john and Maryalways walk to school?

G. Answer these questions:

1.- was resting on my couch
2.- was talking to my teacher about my job
3.- was sleeping on my suite
4.- a little but if it was raining
5.- was very bright was a nice day
6.- was very difficult but I could solve it at the end
7.-was very difficult study going
8.-was the accident happened
9.- john was drived or were you

LESSON 14A, Change to negative form:

1.- I didn´t walk to school yesterday
2.- john eat you lunch in the cafeteria
3.- We don’t student English at home last night
4.-our lesson begin at nine o´clock
5.- I wasn´t home at six o´clock
6.- wasn´t read the newspaper in class yesterday
7.- I don´t came to school ear this morning
8.- I don´t like to movie last night
9.-hesn´t spoke to me about it10.- I don´t drank much coffee yesterday
11.- I don’t up earl this morning
12.- Mr. smith don´t said the that he was busy

B. Change to question form:

1.- did john eat lunch with yesterday
2.- Din´t later we went to the movie
3.- Did like the movie very much
4.- our lesson did began at nine o´clock
5.- I went did home at six o´clock
6.- Did read the newspaper
7.- Did came to...
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