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I have read The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe; I will be analyzing this short story focusing on loneliness, symbolism and existentialism.
Is the narrator lonely or mad? It seems as though thenarrator has a daily interaction with the old man, maybe he is his butler or house worker? Whatever he may be to the old man, the narrator is being driven mad by an apparent cataract. Is it just thetwo of them in the house with the nailed shut windows? That would be enough to drive anyone mad. It could be that this solitude helped the insanity come on and once he saw the vulture’s eye and thatwas it, he could take no more. It seems he is constantly battling with himself, if he is crazy or not indicates confusion in his mind, sprung from years of no interaction. This can be interpreted as aform of loneliness, one lost in own thoughts and not living in the real world.
This brings us to the symbol that drove the narrator mad, the vulture’s eye. The vulture eye to most outsiders wouldlook like a cataract, the horrible eye disease that puts a white film over your eye giving it that ghostly appearance. No, the narrator looks at it like it’s something else, something more sinister,more knowing. It seems as if the narrator thought the eye looked right at him, right through him, knowing all his secrets and his weakness. Soon he becomes obsessed with eye and wants it destroyed, assoon as possible. To me the evil eye represents forthcoming death for the old man; it stares out and sees nothing taunting the narrator into killing it.
The narrator led us on a journey into hismind and ends that he will lead us after committing a crime in this case, and he show us how his mind will struggle with a power combat between what’s good or bad inside his head. Our narrator startsfiling the guilt after killing the old man, he tries to justify his actions, he remembers what was good about him because he knows it was wrong to kill the old man, but he believed it was the best he...
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