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ASSIGNMENT 1. English language through English literary works

1. Anglo-Saxon beliefs and values
The Odyssey by Homer
Greek Epic 8th century BC

One epic poem that follows the Anglo-Saxonbeliefs found in Beowulf is known as, The Odyssey, by Homer. The Odyssey is a story about a Greek warrior, Odysseus, and his journey back to his home of Ithaca, after the battle of Troy.

Perfect Hero &Kingship
Odysseus wants glory and throughout The Odyssey he goes on adventures to help achieve his goal. One example of Odysseus seeking out fame is when he conquers the island of Cicones. He losesmany men in the battle, but what is important is that he gets glory and will be remembered by future generations. This is much like Beowulf seeking out the dragon to become the legendary hero. BothOdysseus and Beowulf want to be remembered for their courageous acts.
Loyalty is something that Odysseus demands from his people in Ithaca. At the end of the epic, Odysseus murders all of theyoung men in Ithaca who tried to marry his wife because he believed they could not be trusted to follow his lead. Loyalty is of the highest virtue to Odysseus, and being dishonest or immoral calls forpunishment.
Eternal Life
Eternal life is in the epic with the presence of Athena, the goddess who protects Odysseus on his journey home. Athena is immortal and it is her job to guide Odysseus whenhe begins to struggle.
Kinship is one of the most important features in The Odyssey. The epic is focused around Odysseus trying to get back to his family. He wants to be with his wife,Penelope, and his son, Telemachus.

There are many similarities between Anglo-Saxon virtues and the virtues of The Odyssey. The virtues above are only a few of the most apparent.

2. ElizabethanLiterature

In this short extract, Hamlet is having a conversation with his dead father’s spirit, the Ghost. His father’s spirit has come to Hamlet to tell him a frightening and awful story about the...
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