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Dear colleague,
Thank you for subbing my classes today Thursday , March25th and Friday, March 26th. I teach Spanish 2 Honors in Periods 1, 2, 3, and 7. I only have one period of Spanish 1, duringperiod 6. The colored folders have the attendance sheet, along with the seating charts. The assignments for the day are posted on the right white board. They’re titled ‘agendas’. But, I’mincluding detailed instructions on what students should be doing during class time.
Spanish 2 Honors.
1. Every student should be seated in their assigned seat during class time.
On Thursday,
a)Warm-up, page 293, Part C (this section must be written in their notebooks, work silently, give them 10 minutes max.)
b) Watch DVD cassette (inside the VCR). Video is ready for viewing. Passthe blue papers to each student. They should complete that video activity based on the video, and using their notes. Please, ask them to write their answers on their own piece of paper. Show thevideo twice if it’s necessary.
c) Once they finished, collect from them the blue papers so you can have them ready for the next class. Students turn in assignment on the back.
d) If thereare 15 min. left of class time, ask them to do textbook pages 272, and 273 (Parts F, and H only). (20 pts.) Due Friday

2. On Friday
a) Warm-up, instead have them complete the textbook workpages 272, and 273 from yesterday
b) Show them the video of Pancho Villa. They should watch it for the remaining of the period. Must write a one-page summary single space in Spanish. (20 pts)Spanish 1
1. I have assigned seats for this class, (Check the folder).
Monday :
a) Students must turn in workbook pages 94, and 95.
b) Do Warm-up (check the agenda for Spanish 1)c) Review vocab. with a partner for 6 minutes
d) Do textbook pages 252, 253 (Activities 5,6); turn in work done.
e) Do WAV Packet, Act.10 (students keep the packets)
f) Homework: study...
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