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San Pedro, Montes de Oca.
Cond. Arandas, #73.
15th august, 2012
Mgr. Hugo Barrantes Ureña, Archbishop
Catholic Church of Costa Rica
3rd and 51 avenues, 22 Street, B°. México, San José

DearMgr. Hugo Barrantes:

There are more than 71.548 annual births in “women” under 18 years old. Approximately 25% of women population starts their sexual life between 13 and 17 years old. The 54% of thebirths in women under 19 years old correspond to single mothers. The 50% of 270 adolescent mothers DIDN'T KNOW THE POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS OF HAVING AN ACTIVE SEXUAL LIFE, and the 68% said it hadnowhere to learn for information relating to issues of sexuality. This alarming data makes us conscious about Costa Rican early pregnancy reality.

The Ministry of Education started a project in whichthe main purpose is to offer sexual education to high school students. This program is an immediate solution for the alarming numbers that present the pregnancy in women under 18 years old. The projectintends to make the students more familiar with this topic, to inform about the possible risks they may have if having sexual relationships, and explain what are the safety precautions they may applyduring his/hers sexual life. We are aware of your moral and religious issues against this program but we, as the institution responsible for ensuring the best education for the future´s citizen, findthis project unconditional for preventing adolescent pregnancy, therefore suffering and mortality.

To begin with the importance of sexual education in modern societies we can state the fact that iteasily creates moral conscious in the students making easier for them the decision-making. Actually, for young population, can be noticed the moral degradation occurred by the social and sexualreputation. Young people are worried about being judged by their sexual lives (natural social tendency) taking precipitating decisions that may have strong consequences later. This program attends to...
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