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wounded in left leg. It was thought at the time by his comrades that he was mortally wounded, and so it was published in the county papers at home. The chaplain and lieutenant-colonel of the regimenteach wrote letters of sympathy and condolence to his bereaved wife ( as they thought), stating that he was mortally wounded and in the hands of the enemy. He was robbed of his sword and belt, watch,silk handkerchief, and a needy and brazen-faced Rebel even took the boots on his feet. He was conveyed by the enemy to the United States Hospital at Frederick ( three miles from the battle field),where he was recaptured the next day. Here he remained two months when he recieved a "leave of absence" to come home. On November 18, following, he reported in person to the officer's hospital atAnnapolis, where, after careful examination, he was adjudged disqualified from further service through disability occasioned by his wound. Accordingly he was honorably discharged December 12, 1864 ; thenwent to Washington and settled his accounts with the Government, after which, about Christmas time, he returned home, where he was welcomed by his wife and friends and neighbors. Mr. McPeck wasincapacitated for any manual labor, but the citizens of the county, in recognition of his gallant service and his honorable wound, and as an expression of their respect for him as a man, unanimously electedhim to the office of sheriff of his county. His first term he so satisfactorily filled that his constituents re-elected him to a second, and no doubt he would have served a third term did the law notforbid the holding of that office for more than two terms. After retirement from office Mr. McPeck visited many of the western States (his trip extending through Illinois , Missouri and Kansas),prospecting for some suitable place where to locate, but failing to find any better than his native county, he returned home and immediately purchased the farm on which he still resides in Archer Township....
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