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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Andrew Hermansen
Section 33
March 21, 2011


The problem is very simple: money. TheNFL owners and players are currently attempting to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement and the two sides could not be further from making a deal. The NFL makes roughly $9 billion in revenueannually, and how much of that each side will get is ultimately the cause of the stalemate.
In the agreement that just recently expired, owners had to shell out around $4.5 billion in player costs.They argue that there is a growing need for NFL team owners to keep a larger portion of league revenues in order to address the rising costs of maintaining and building new stadiums and facilities.They want to reduce the mandated player costs down to $3.9 billion. Aside from splitting the $9 billion, owners also want to increase revenue by adding games to the regular season schedule. They wantto add 4-6 games to the now 14-game schedule, because more games mean more money.
The players on the other hand are basically fine with getting half of the $9 billion pot as they already were. Theywill not agree to a $600 million pay cut. Additionally, tThey also are against increasing the number of games in a season because of the grueling nature of the sport. Some NFL athletes have careersthat last only three seasons and longer seasons would further shorten their career. The players also want to see the length of rookie contracts shortened. Rookies are not entitled to as much money asveteran players and current contracts last up to six years. The players want the maximum rookie contract set at four years, so that players do not have to live off of rookie wages for so long. Playersalso want the franchise tag rule to be removed. Currently, iIf a team has a star player becoming a free-agent, they can place a franchise tag (limited to one player a year) on that star, and keep...
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