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Look Who Came To School Today!
During circle time build positive self-esteem when greeting children with this song by Barbara.
 Look Who Came to School Today
     (tune: Mary Had A Little Lamb)     Look who came to school today
      School today, school today
      Look who came to school today,
      _____(child's name) did.
The child named gets up and dances as children clap. Repeat with all the children's names, including the teacher's name.
Circle Time Rhyme
Large groups and circle times give preschoolers the opportunity to show their creations to classmates.  Thisrhyme is recited by each child as he/she has a turn placing his/her daily work on display.
What I made today
Was something made by me (point to self)
Now I place it on the floor
For everyone tosee   (display what was made)
Teachers encourage young children to talk about each item. Examples: "What did you use to make your__? What classroom area/center did you work in in?  What  colors did(child's name) use?" etc
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    The Kissing Hand
To ease separation anxiety on the first day of school is the aim of this preschool activity by Martha R.Materials: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn,  white construction paper, paint, and paint brushes.
Description: I read the story The Kissing Hand using a raccoon stuffed animal.
After discussing the storywith the children, I put a heart sticker (which comes from previously placed heart stickers in the raccoon's pouch) on each child's hand. This helps preschool children to remember that Mom or Dad lovesthem.  If they have a problem later in the day, I remind them to look at their sticker and put it up to their cheek. 
After the story, I have each parent to help their child make a hand print andthen make one of theirs on the same paper.  It works really well. The children and the parents enjoy it!  I post them in the hallway for parents to admire.
Materials: Two hands and one's voice....
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