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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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Hayley Williams the rock Singer
Hayley Williams is an American singer and songwriter of 22 years old, she is the vocalist and keyboardist of the a rock band called Paramore. She has short redishdyed hair , she usually wears a pony tail or a bun at her shows or music videos, she is thin-faced and her skins is as white as snow, she always wears eyebrows and colorful make up depending on whatclothes she is wearing, she is skinny as thin as a rake, she is taller enough to be a female. She also wears trendy clothes which many adolescents in USA consider fashionable, such as t shirts withmessages printed on it or classic drawings from tv, I like the way she dresses because she is not too over the top, and at the same time she manages to express her mood wearing different clothes oraccessories.
Sometimes her humour can get out of control but I like very much her cheerful personality, some people believe she is nuts but she had stated she is only trying to show how she feels and latelymany people see eye to eye with her. She is very grateful with her job, and not only she does it to earn the money also because she sees music as her passion, and that’s why she looks so excited andenthusiastic in every concert. I like also the fact that she is never worried about how many people have been listening her album , she is always glad about what she does and doesn’t feel insecure,her lastest quotes showed that in spite of she had to deal with old and famous bands she kept on working and did the best she could :“I think all of us, at some point early on in our lives, knew that wewanted to create music. We are still really young and sometimes we do feel like we have to prove we're as great as all the rest of the bands -old and young. But we just do what we love and peopleseem to be really excited about it.”
Her inspiration in music is what I like the most, she has a great ability to create lyrics which soon become famous , such as the new records of the album Brand...
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