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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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Shopping at flea markets can be a fun and rewarding pass time for any weekend. Whether you are shopping for an item to add to a collection, something to decorate your house with, a useful item at areasonable price, or for resale at a profit, there are a few things to remember.
The most important is to dress down. You never want to wear flashy jewelery or nice clothes that give the appearanceyou have plenty of money to spend. The second is to never pay the marked price for any item. There is always room to bargain on a price at flea markets. Next, start friendly conversation with theseller. The more friendly you are, the better the bargain. A seller will always give a better deal to someone they connect well with. The best way to do that is to strike up conversation about an item theyare selling,that you have no great interest in first. Then move the conversation to the item you are interested in. Lead them to believe that they are talking you into something that you were notreally interested in buying. The price usually starts out closer to their best price when they believe a sale has to be pitched. If you show great interest in an item, they will be reluctant to drop theprice "too much". Most importantly... make sure what you are buying is really what you want. There is always a seller out there peddling broken, repaired, defective, or reproduction junk. Make sure yougo there with the knowledge about the item you are purchasing instead of letting a dealer sell you something you will regret buying after the sale. Good luck hunting your treasures and I will see youthere. I have been flea marketing for nearly three decades and now earn a living reselling flea market and yard sale purchases.

Compras en los mercados de pulgas puede ser un pasatiempo divertidoy gratificante para cualquier fin de semana. Ya sea que usted está haciendo compras para un elemento para agregar a una colección, algo para decorar tu casa con un elemento útil a un precio...
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