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Teacher: Lic. Jully Rodríguez Cruz

Alumna: Jany Stephanie Torres Pinchi

DISTANCE EXAM 1 (45 points)


Tick (() A, B, or C to complete the sentences. (10 pts)
Example: My name _____ David.
A am      B is  (  C are     
1 Is there _____ milk in thefridge?
A a      B an      C any  ( 
2 There are _____ chairs in the kitchen.
A any      B an      C some   ( 
3 I don’t want _____ coffee, thanks.
A some      B any   (   C many     
4 _____ cigarettes do you smoke a day?
A How much      B How many    (  C How     
5 _____ water do you drink?
A How much (    B How many      C How     
6 A How many oranges do you eat a week?
B _____. I don’t like oranges.
A None   (  B Any      C A lot     
7 I _____ buy a new car.
A am going to  (   B go to      C am going     
8 What _____ to do next summer?
A you are going      B do you go      C are you going  (   
9 We _____have a holiday this summer.
A don’t go to      B aren’t going to   (  C aren’t go to     
10 A What do you think is going to happen?
B I think _____ leave her husband.
A she goes      B she’s going      C she’s going to  (   
11 We need _____ butter.
A some   (  B a      C any     
12 Do you want _____ apple?
A a      Bsome      C an   (  
13 They eat a _____ of fruit.
A much      B many      C lot  (  
14 I don’t drink _____ coffee – only two cups a day.
A many      B much   (  C lot     
15 Is your brother going _____ go to university?
A to  (   B for      C at     
16 We _____ going to drive to Paris.
A have      B ’re   ( C is     
17 _____ you going to come and see us next summer?
A Is      B Have      C Are  (  
18 I’m sure they’re going to _____ very happy.
A be  (   B have      C take     
19 She _____ going to come. She isn’t well.
A are not      B isn’t  (   C not     
20 Take your umbrella. I think _____ going to rain.
A it      B is     C it’s  (  

2.- Tick (() A, B, or C to complete the food words. (2.5 pts)
Example: I usually have _____ for breakfast.
A toast  (  B meat      C salad     
21 Vegetarians don’t eat _____.
A salad      B meat   (  C bread     
22 They eat a lot of _____ in Japan and China.
A rice  (   B pasta      C cheese     
23Macaroni and spaghetti are kinds of _____.
A pasta   (  B rice      C salad     
24 In the Mediterranean they use a lot of olive _____.
A butter      B oil   (  C fish     
25 People often put _____ in salads.
A lettuce  (   B ketchup      C cereal     

3.- Which is the stressed syllable? Tick (() A, B, or C. (2.5 pts)
Example: Ashopping  (  B shopping      C shopping     
26 A pineapple      B pineapple   (  C pineapple     
27 A tomatoes      B tomatoes      C tomatoes   ( 
28 A supermarket  (   B supermarket      C supermarket     
29 A delicious  (   B delicious      C delicious     
30 A potatoes  (   B potatoes      C potatoes    

B.- READING (10 pts)

1Read and answer the questions

My name is Alison and I study at Liverstone School. I have an older sister, her name is Isabella.

When I finish school, I am going to study at University; I am going to study Medicine. My sister isn´t going to study medicine; she is going to study English literature because she loves reading

I like sports, I play in the...
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