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S&M W h a t ’ S M y N a M e ? feat. Drake C h e e rS ( D r i N k to t h at ) faD i N g o N ly g i r l ( i N t h e W o r l D ) CaliforNia kiNg BeD MaN DoWN r a i N i N g M e N feat. NiCki MiNaj C o M p l i Cat eD SkiN l o v e t h e W a y y o u l i e ( p a r t i i ) feat. eMiNeM exeCutive proDuCerS: roByN rihaNNa feNty aND a N t o N i o “ l a” r e i D
Co-exeCutive proDuCerS: e va N r o g e r S aN D Carl SturkeN for Srp a&r: aBou “Bu” thiaM aND kareN kWak

defJam.com rIhannanow.com srpmusIcGroup.com now on Your phone: IdJmobIle.com
PC 2010 The Island def Jam musIc Group, 825 eIGhTh avenue, new York, new York 10019. dIsTrIbuTed bY unIversal musIc corp. all rIGhTs reserved.

dy 45th & 3rd Music llC and San Mi) produced by Stargate for & 3rd Music llC at roc the sen, S. Wilhelm, e.Dean) (aSCap/B 45th (M.S. eriksen, t. e. herman el S. eriksen & Miles Walker for ment. Music recorded by Mikk the Bunker Studios, paris. vee for empire artist Manage eles, Ca and by Sandy vee at ording Studios, los ang Mic Studios, NyC, Westlake rec a Music, inc. pbell. ed by kuk harrell for Suga Wug vocals produc tovar. assisted by Bobby Cam rell, josh gudwin and Mar cos vocals recorded by kuk harnt veronika Bozeman. nta, ga. additional and assista additional vocal production by tan at the Ninja Beat Club, atla Bunker Studios, paris and phil Mixed by Sandy vee at the agels: ester Dean. Stargate Man engineering: Damien lewis. Sandy vee. Background voca eriksen, tor erik hermansen & all instruments by Mikkel S. D. ment: tim Blacksmith & Danny Mi/SeSaC/SoCaN) produced n, t. hale, a. graham)(aSCap/B . eriksen, t. e. hermansen, e. Dea (M.S el S. eriksen & Miles Walker ic llC. Music recorded by Mikk by Stargate for 45th & 3rd Mus Westlake recording Studios, los the Mic Studios, NyC and recorded by for 45th & 3rd Music llC at roc Suga Wuga Music, inc. vocals ls ls produced by kuk harrell for angeles, Ca. voca Bobby Campbell. Drake’s voca Mar cos tovar. assisted by by Noel Cadastr e kukharrell, josh gudwin and assisted at the hit factory, Miami, fl. recorded by Noah “40” Shebib , ga. additional and assisttan at Ninja Beat Club, atlanta Brandon joner. Mixed by phil and sen & tor erik hermansen. all instruments by Mikkel S. erik ant engineering: Damien lewis. Blacksmith & Danny D. Drake n. Stargate Management: tim records. Background vocals: ester Dea ey entertainment/Cash Moneyappears courtesy of young Mon


D What’s My Name? feat.


lavigne, S. Spock) risty, g. edwards, a. gibson, C. ivery, l. Ch zi, C. Best Management. S. Barthe, l. pergoliz entertainment/We the (a. harr, j. jackson, ers for trac-N-field ar at ed by the runn rded by Marcos tov (aSCap/BMi) pr oduc riddick. vocals reco , inaam haq, oduced by Makeba by antonio resendiz vocals pr , Ca .assisted Studios, los angeles villanueva for by Marcos tovar f “Supa jeff” Westlake recording sic recorded by jef by Ben o’Neill. Mixed and Br ad Shea. Mu geles, Ca . assisted Dane liska Studios, los an inment at east West h you” perangeles, Ca . trac-N-field enterta samples from “i’m Wit recording Studios, los rthe & lp. Contains rs up at Westlake for all fade und vocals: Stacy Ba ent. entertainmmpbell. Backgro a unit of Sony Music assisted by Bobby Ca urtesy of rCa/jive, blish, Scott Spock avril lavigne used co formed by s, avril lavigne and avril lavigne pu ty, gr aham edward . on behalf of itself of almo Music Corp itten by laur en Chris ne publishing Corp. Wr behalf rner-tamerla iversal Music Corp. on sic Corp. (aSCap)/Wa and published by un hill Songs c/o WB Mu ry Wave (BMi)/ferry ingllC (aSCap)/prima (BMi).

Cheers ( Drink To That )

emaker and jay Music recorded by Cor ey Sho polow Da Don for Zone 4 inc. ica, Ca. es, e. Dean) (BMi) produced by recording Studios, Santa Mon (j. jon Stevenson at No excuses Suga Wuga Music, inc. produced by kuk harrell for r. Bunker Studios, paris. vocals josh gudwin and Mar cos tova recorded by Sandy vee at the vocals recorded by kuk...
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