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Alaska Airlines.

First a brief history:
Alaska Airlines was founded in 1932. By then it was called “McGee Airways”, named after his creator Linious “Mac” McGee. In 1934 it merged withanother airline called Star Air Service, and after merging with few more airlines it became known as Alaska Airlines (1944). And today it has service not only within the State of Alaska but alsothroughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Hawaii.

…Alaska’s management staff is composed of:

William S. Ayer  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Bradley D. Tilden  President
BrandonPedersen  Chief Financial Officer
Ben Minicucci  Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Operations

Most of these members has dedicated most of theircareer time to Alaska Airlines. Few of them are named veterans in aviation and few others have military experience; each one of them with previous practices in different airlines.

… Alaska Airlines isfocused on working together to build a diverse company where everyone feels valued, committed and connected. Their mission is to become an environmental leader in the domestic airline industry and tomeasurably reduce their impact on the environment.

…Their vision is to continually fortify their environmental performance and become an environmental leader in the domestic airline industry.…Here we can see Alaska’s Consolidated Financial and Operating Data. The operation revenues are getting better and better every year. Their operation expenses did not exceed their revenues last year, butit seems that they have exceeded their operation expenses in years 2008 and 2006, which cost them to lose money. –Their Total Assets is increasing every year. Their Yield per Passenger Mile is 13.58cents. Revenue passengers are getting lower throughout the years, and their full-time employees’ number is decreasing constantly as well. –Overall, I think they need to get better in their...
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