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  • Publicado : 14 de febrero de 2012
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LENNOX: Is Duncan coming today?
MACBETH: Yes, he is. It was a rough night.
LENNOX: My memories can’t be different from my friend’s.
Re-enter MACDUFFMACDUFF: Oh horror!
MACBETH / LENNOX: What happened?
MACDUFF: I’m confused; I think they just killed my cousin.
MACBETH: What do you mean?!
LENNOX: What?!
MACBETH:I think you understand…
Exeunt Macbeth & Lennox
Guys wake up! There has been a murder and treason!
LADY MACBETH: What happened that youcalled everyone, while we were sleeping?!
MACDUFF: Listen lady, this is none of your business.
Banquo! Duncan has been murdered!
LADY MACBETH: Ohmy god! In our house?
BANQUO: That’s too screwed man! Please tell me it’s not true!
Re-enter Macbeth & Lennox with Ross
MACBETH: I’ve been lucky to still bealive… Now it’s really easy to be killed.
Enter Malcolm
MALCOLM: Hey! What’s up?
MACBETH: I can’t believe you’re here, and still don’t know.
MACDUFF: Yourfather has been murdered!
MALCOLM: What?! Who did it?!
LENNOX: I think the chamber guys did it, their faces & hands were covered in blood. I should have nevertrusted them!
MACBETH: I did it! I killed them!
MACDUFF: Really?
MACBETH: Yes, poor Duncan, he is here dead… He was such a good person.
LADY MACBETH: Help meMACDUFF: Go to see your wife
MALCOLM: Why don’t we say anything? But, what can we say? I can’t let my sorrow break me.
BANQUO: Go and help your wife!
LADYMACBETH is carried out
I will fight against those who betrayed and killed our friend!
ALL: So all of us
MALCOLM: I’ll go to the US